Monday, June 27, 2011

Nac Mac Feegle

I wanted something fun and crafty to take to the North American Discworld Convention next week.  It's odd to write next week and realize that the convention (which I have wanted to go to for about a year) is actually going to happen REALLY SOON, and whatever I wanted to get done before the convention needs to be right now.

Back to crafts.  I made me a Nac Mac Feegle.

He's blue fabric, mostly machine-stitched together and then turned right-side out, with his shoulders and head handstitched.  He's stuffed with a few plastic pellets and the rest with regular polyfill.  The hair and eyebrows are embroidery floss; it took a while but I really like how it looks.  I practiced the face for a long time before I drew it on him.  If I make another one, I'm going to draw the face first, then finish cutting him out.

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