Monday, August 13, 2012


In which the blog is abducted and used to post pictures from Pennsic.

I have been crafting this summer, even though I have terribly neglected this blog.  It's just that in order to blog about my crafts I would have to stop crafting.

One of my major projects was to quickly assemble enough garb to be dressed at Pennisc.

The Beginner's Ball


Starting a Fire Like a Moderately Intelligent Saxon

There were also classes at Pennisc.  This one was the most photogenic.

First smoke...

 Then the whole thing ignites at once.
Then it gets stepped on least we burn everything down.

The Grand Ball Setlist

A Pennsic Fan Club

The Oncoming Storm of Doom and Wind and Showers and Rain and Doom.

 Washing dishes by our camp shower (the orange stained white tarps) before the storm hits
 It got really windy, and then the showers came.

Well, really just one shower.  It blew up from our neighbor's encampment and landed on top of our shower, rather slowly and gracefully.  Fortunately our shower caught it before it landed on the people who were still washing dishes.

(our shower is the orange-stained white tarp)

Storm clouds.  Then there was a lot of rain.  Where by "a lot" I mean a pretty solid sheet coming down. 

  After the storm cleared there was a beautiful sunset.

I should note: before the wind there was a huge lightning and thunder display.  So like responsible adult humans we all stood out in the road and watched.  Much like how now everybody is out looking at the sunset.

A floating castle cloud.

 I like leftover storm clouds.  Especially sunset ones.

Two of the flamingos of Flamingo Bluffs.


Ari did the war shoot.

This lady was assisted by a butterfly.

Setlists for the Mainly English Revel.

We had some crazy dancers and some crazy musicians to match them.

The Armored Field Battle.

  There are three ballista arrows in the air in the following picture.

I think I want a ballista now.

* * *

 There were complaints that there were no pictures of me.  I explained this was simply because those pictures were on other people's cameras, and it took me a while to get a hold of them.  But behold! I have gotten a hold of them.

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