Sunday, October 9, 2011

so many rings

I have discovered the fun which is chain mail, and am in a fairly constant state of wanting more rings. 

Persian sampler, from top to bottom: full persian, half persian three-in-one, half persian four in one, a half-persian six in one sheet.  I used 18 gauge 1/4 inch inner diameter rings.  I need more 18 gauge 1/4 inch rings now ...

Here is a close-up of the half-persian four in one.  It looks different depending on the side you're looking at and is a lot of fun to play with.

A byzantine sampler.  A straight byzantine necklace, a hexagonal byzantine web, a byzantine bar sheet-kind of weave that I'm not sure of the name of, and a ball made out of byzantine chunks hooked together and stuffed with wool.

Similar to byzantine is Turkish Roundmaille.

Everybody should make some European four in one.

This is called persian dragon-scale.  It's half persian three in one with european four in one. 

This will one day be a pouch.  I love scales and decided to make this sheet into a pouch with a drawstring, big enough to carry a camera.  But the scale mail doesn't compress horizontally, to allow the pouch to bunch up when the drawstring is tight.  So I made some byzantine hexagonal web in the same colors (I love how the colors worked out in the web, especially the connecting parts), which I'll attach at the top of the pouch.  I'll make the main body of the pouch out of (probably) leather, and put the scale and chain mail on top.

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