Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Garb finished. Now what?

I finished my SCA garb -- it is in the wash as I type this, getting the last of the white pencil marks out.

I thought I messed up with the gores for the blue overdress.  The front and back gores are triangles, which get sewn into a slit cut up the front and back of the dress.  In the past I'd cut the slits an inch or two shorter than the gores, since you can't sew the very tip of a triangle into anything.  This time I forgot and cut the slits exactly the length of the gore.  "Oh drat" I think, I can't re-cut the body piece, and it'll look a bit ugly if I sew the slit back together.  So I went ahead and tried to stitch the gores in anyway.  And it turned out beautiful.  Best gores I'd ever done.

Which makes that a mistake I should repeat.

Which brings me to the all-important question of what should I do now?  Fortunately I have a some unfinished projects to work on.  (And when I say some I mean lots.  Crafters always have unfinished projects.  If you finish something you run the risk of not having a project when you need it.  That would be horrible.)

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